Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe - Rugby Junior Colts(Under 14) XV, 1956/57

Not absolutely certain that this is the Junior Colts XV but I think it is - any offers?

Back Row: ??, SNM (Simon) Evans (4Y), TE (Trevor) Dedman (4S), GD (Graham) Nash (4S), RJ (John) Coppock (4 Shell), MF Gillett (4S), GF (Graham) Smith (5A), MG (Malcolm) Smith (4X), RAO (Ralph) Stockwell (4A), PJ (Peter) Yates (5A), GH (Graham) Cunnold (4X), JC (John, "Archie") Bowman (4S)
Middle Row: ??, E (Eric) Holdship (4Y), JO (John Owen, Jo) Smith (5X), JS (John, "Hoss") Simpson (5X), MF Turner (4Y), BR Harding (4Y), JH Dawes (4A)
Front Row: ??, JA (Jim) Johnson (4Y), PM (Philip) Dronfield (5X), JH (John) Comer (4S)

John Comer very kindly sent me this picture. 'Jo' Smith has his own very interesting website.

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