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BRITBASE - British Chess Game Archive

Tournament: 1st British Championship (won by Napier after play-off with Atkins) • includes play-off & games from subsidiary events
Venue: Hastings • Dates: 22 August - 3 September 1904 • Download PGNupdated: Friday 21 July, 2017 4:59 PM

Updated 3 July 2017: final four moves added to the incomplete first game of the Napier-Atkins play-off match
Updated 21 July 2017: score of Tattersall-Blackburne (Rd 4) added.

1904 British Championship

1904 British Ladies Championship

1904 BCF-ch First Class A and B

1904 BCF-ch First Class C

1904 BCF-ch Second Class A and B

(From the tables as published in The Field, September 1904 - note that one result in the Second Class A section has been photoshopped to show the correct result Woollard 1-0 Hammond, as recorded in the 17 Sept issue of The Field. The totals have also been corrected to show that Woollard scored 7½ and tied for second with Markwick, while Hammond scored 6 - JS)