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Tournament: 4th British Championship (won by Atkins) (28 games of a possible 66, plus 4 part games, 14 games from subsid events)
Venue: Crystal Palace • Dates: 12-24 August 1907 • Download PGN Tuesday 10 January, 2017 6:07 PM

British Championship 1907 Crosstable

Venue: School of Art, Crystal Palace, Sydenham, London

Manchester Guardian, 25 August 1907:
"The following is a list of the prize winners in other sections: —
Ladies' Championship.—Mrs. Herring and Mrs. Houlding tie for first and second; Mrs. Anderson, third; Mrs. Sidney, fourth.
First-class Amateurs.—G. Shorles, first; H. B. Uber second; E. D. Palmer, third.
Second Class, Section A.—T. J. Edwards and B. Heastie tie for first and second; Rev. E. W. Evill, third. Section B.—F. D. Yates, first; A. Kirby, second; P. Flower, third. J
Third Class, Section A.—Rev. A. P. L. Hulbert, first; E. J. Fairchild and P. A. Macmahon tie for second and third. Section C.—S. Pilch, first; Capt. H. W. Guyer and D. T. G. Dixon tie for second and third."

Round 6, Saturday 16 August 1907: "In the First Class Amateur Division there was an unfortunate incident. Shories, playing against O'Hanlon, had at the morning sitting made a plausible combination to carry the position by storm. It came to naught, as the Belfast man found a way out, and the game was held over in an even state, with two bishops and five pawns each. The renewal of the game was looked forward to with interets but when the time came for the resumption of play Shories was not in his place, and his clock being started, he was not found until O’Hanlon had claimed the game on the time limit. The Stewards gave the award in O'Hanlon’s favour, and so the contest was not fought out." (Yorkshire Post and Leeds Intelligencer, Monday 19 August 1907) n.b. Shories won the tournament with 10/11!

(Results from Yorkshire Post and Leeds Intelligencer - Saturday 24 August 1907)

The tie between Mrs Herring and Mrs Houlding was resolved by a play-off match which Mrs Herring won around 2 November 1907 - JS.

"The first class amateur tournament at the Crystal Palace Congress of the British Chess Federation has been won by Mr. G. Shories, who is well known to chess players in this city and district. He is a native of Berlin, but has lived in England for a good many years. He took up his residence in Sheffield in the latter part of 1905, and has since then been closely identified with the chess of the city, and has made a name for himself in various national and international contests. He won first prize in the amateur tournaments at Ostend in 1905 and 1907, and also came out at the head of the British first class amateur competition at Shrewsbury last year. Following up his amateur success at Ostend a few months ago, he took part in the master tournament there, and played with fair success. He is regarded as one of the most talented players in this country, and would no doubt, give a good account of himself in the British Championship competition if he were eligible to enter." (Photo and text, Sheffield Evening Telegraph - Saturday 24 August 1907)

(Table from Falkirk Herald - Wednesday 04 September 1907)