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Tournament: 9th British Championship (won by RC Griffith) (34 games of a possible 66, plus 19 from subsidiary events)
Venue: Richmond • Dates: 12-24 August 1912 • Download PGN • updated: Sunday 10 April, 2016 9:11 PM

British Championship 1912 Crosstable

* On the second Monday (19 August 1912) a match was held between the 12 players in the British Championship proper and the 12 players of the Major Open (they were, in finishing order, WH Gunston, Abraham Speijer 10/11, JC Waterman 8, RHV Scott 6, AJ Mackenzie, AJ Maas 5½, A Louis, Willem Andreas Theodorus Schelfhout (NED), C Wardhaugh 4, JJ O'Hanlon 2, F Brown 1½). The match was won by the Major Open players by 6½-5½.

1912 British Championship photo

(From the Illustrated London News - my thanks to Gerard Killoran for the photo)

The room shown was the ballroom in the Castle Assembly Rooms, Richmond.
This building still exists and is now known as Whittaker House, Whittaker Avenue, Richmond, Surrey TW9 1EH