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Tournament: 13th British Chess Championship • 27 of 66 games (plus 5 part-games + 20 others from subsidiary sections)
Venue: McEwan Hall, Edinburgh • Dates: 9-20 August 1920 • Download PGN Last Edited: Monday 4 April, 2016 1:52 PM

1932 British Championship

1920 British Women's Championship


1920 British Major Open

(Note on the above table - Bigelow did not play any games but the BCF, after first annulling the defaulted games, finally ruled that they should "count" towards the score)

1920 British Championship photos

Yorkshire Post, 10 August 1920: "The Congress of the British Chess Federation opened at Edinburgh yesterday. This year's meeting will be particularly noteworthy, as, for the first time since 1914, there will be a competition for the Chess Championship of Great Britain. Prior to the commencement of play, the Edinburgh Corporation gave a reception to the players at the Council Chamber. The entries for the various tournaments were as follows: British Championship—E. E. Middleton (London), W. Gibson (Glasgow), Dr. S. F. Smith (Bournemouth), R. P. Michell. J. H. Blake, E. G. Sergeant, R. H. V. Scott, Sir George A. Thomas, Herbert Jacobs (London), A. J. Mackenzie (Birmingham), P. Wenman (Edinburgh), and G. E. Wainwright. British Ladies' Championship— Mrs. Sollas, Mrs. Ritchie, Mrs. Roe. Mrs. Anderson, Mrs. Stevenson, Mrs. Michell, Miss Gilchrist (Edinburgh), Miss [E.] Gibb (Glasgow), Miss Hutchison-Sterling (Edinburgh), Miss Abraham, and Miss Forbes (Edinburgh). Major Open Tournament— Messrs. O. A. Speyer, P. Van['t, T.] Veer (Holland), Wardhaugh (Glasgow), Sparkes (Sheffield), Price (Birmingham), Heath (Dundee), Gooding, Bigelow, Macalister, O'Hanlon, and Dr. Dunstan, [Dr. G.C.A./T.C. Oskam of Holland]. First-Class Players, Section A—Messrs. Dutt, Howell, Smith, Berryman, Crum, Bolland, Osborn, Thomson, Burton, L. C. G. Dewing (Maidstone), Professor John Cox (Bromley), Rev. Cunninghame Craig, and Mrs. S. J. Holloway (Bromley). First-Class, Section B—Messrs. W. R. Thomas, Edmund Tom Jesty, G. E. Smith, G. R. Hardcastle, F. J. Camm, J. D. Chambers, S. J. Holloway (Bromley), F. J. Hingley, G. W. Moses, Heastie, Steward, and Griffiths. Second-Class—Rev. W. E. Evill (late of Hythe), Messrs. E. W. Carmichael, G. A. Youngman (Maidstone), W. Penberthy, Miss Sanders, H. Ransom (Maidstone), W. H. Jones, A. D. Barlow, A. R. B. Thomas, G. D. Hutton, H. T. Twomey, and M. Maung, a Burmese gentleman. Third-Class Tourney—Mrs. Young, Mrs. Murray, Mrs. Brockett, Mrs. McChiery, Miss Gibb, Miss Heard, Messrs. Doran, Greenhalgh, C. G. Spicer (Maidstone), Smith, Murray, Macmillan, M. H. Clarke (Tonbridge), and Hopkins, [E. H. Taylor].

This was ARB (Andrew Rowland Benedick) Thomas's debut at a BCF Congress. Click here to read more about him at Chess Devon.

First Class, Section A: Basil Heastie 9/11; F. J. Camm 8½; George Wyville Moses and H. C. Griffiths 8; Edmund Tom Jesty 7; William Rowland Thomas 6½; G. E. Smith 5; John Dillon Chambers 4½; Guy Ralph Hardcastle 4; G. M. Stewart and Samuel John Holloway 2; Frederick John Hingley [name corrected - see below] 1½.

Second Class: Andrew Rowland Benedick Thomas and W. Penberthy 9/11; M. Maung 8½; Revd. William Ernest Evill and E. W. Carmichael 8; G. D. Hutton 5; W. H. Jones 4; George Arthur Youngman, A. D. Barlow, H. Ransom and H. T. Twomey 3½; Miss Sanders 1. [n.b. there is a mistake here, taken from Chess Devon, as the numbers don't tally - can anyone proof-read?]

1920 table 1


PGN file updated 31/03/16: minor update to a player's name: Frederick John Hingley (not Frank as previously given), b abt Oct 1867 (Nottingham), d 19 Oct 1947 (Basford, Nottinghamshire) left a £50 bequest to the BCF (source: Nottingham Evening Post - Friday 03 September 1948, page 1) and also to the Nottinghamshire Chess Association.