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Player: Mir Sultan Khan (1905-66) • 185 games (plus 34 stubs/part-games) • Wikipedia
Career Games Played 1928-35 • Download PGNUpdated: Saturday 12 May, 2018 0:07 AM


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Date Updated
The Aitken simul game is now a complete score, thanks to Geoff Chandler and Dave Archibald who looked it up in Aitken's scorebook, held by Edinburgh Chess Club. Credit also to members of the English Chess Forum who had previously worked hard to interpret an almost entirely illegible score found in an online newspaper and reconstruct the score..
Added part-game from a simul against James Macrae Aitken (Oxford), played 23 Nov 1933.
Added game versus Harold George Felce, 1930 (contributed by Gerard Killoran)
British Championship, Rd 11 (26 Aug 1932) vs Fairhurst, complete game added, contributed by Alan McGowan.
County match v Vera Menchik, played 14 Nov 1931, contributed by Brian Denman.
Added the missing game from the 1932 Flohr match in London (game 5), from the Gillam booklet.
One 1929 simul game v E Irving, thanks to Roger Watson.
Full score of the 1931 Whitaker game (cable match) now available, thanks to Andy Ansel.
The Aitken simul game is now a fully corroborated complete game; following sterling work by some members of the English Chess Forum on a reconstruction of an illegible score found in an online newspaper, the complete score was found in a scorebook of Aitken's games at Edinburgh CC. Thanks to all involved.
Added Eva-Sultan Khan, British Championship 1929 (Rd 11) - thanks to Gerard Killoran