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Tournament: 30th British Chess Championship • 66 games (21 missing scores, 1 part-game) + 9 others
Venue: Imperial Hotel, Blackpool • Dates: 5-16 July 1937 • Download PGN Last Edited: Monday 18 April, 2016 1:36 AM

1937 British Championship

1937 British Ladies Championship

1937 British Major Open

1937 British First Class A

1937 British First Class B and C

Other events (as per BCM, August 1937, pps412-414)

Second Class (11 players). Prizewinners: G. Hadfield Liverpool) 8½, A. G. Burnett (Edinburgh) 8, and H. D. Mather (Blackpool) 7. Other scores : J. Butterworth (London) 6, C. H. Goldman (London) 5½, W. A. Aston (Wolverhampton) and Dr. F. Kolisch (Prague) 5, H. W. Histon Nottingham) 4, Mrs. H. M. Cobbold (London) 3, Miss L. Eveling (Chislehurst) 2½, and W. M. Batten (Welwyn Garden City) ½. Prizes : £6, £4 and £2. Hadfield [aged 12 - JS] was the shining light among a small group of young competitors from a Liverpool school, who had been trained by their master, Mr. Pennell. Burnett too was well on the young side.

Third Class. Division 1 (10 players)—Prizewinners: F. Matthews (Nottingham) and E. S. Bird (Newcastle) 8½ each, and P. J. Morris (Birmingham) Other scores : S. R. Tomkinson (Liverpool) 5½, W. Chandler and J. A. Mulligan (Manchester) 5 each, J. E. Coleman (Grays) and Miss E. Hodges ( Derby) 3½ each, Miss Redhead (Blackpool) 3, A. Trimnell (London) and W. H. Reynolds (Rugby) 2½ each. Division 2 (11 players)—Prizewinners: F. J. Pilkington (St. Annes) 9½, T. Rawlinson (Liverpool) 7½, D. E. Budge (Kilmacolm) and R. S. Hustler (Blackpool) 7 each. Other scores: Mrs. M. Dew (Plymouth) 5½, Mrs. G. L. Mallison and J. Francis (St. Leonards) 5 each, A. Cowell (Blackpool) 4½, Mrs. C. M. MacVean (Bournemouth) 3, Miss E. Goodacre (Cheltenham) 1, and Miss E. M. Rowley (Manchester) 0. Prizes: £4, £2, £1, in each section.

One Week Tournaments. A novelty at this Congress were special tournaments of one week each, but they were not particularly successful. Those in the first week resulted: Section A (double round) : J. G. Lomax (Blackburn) 4½, A. C. Vernieux (Welwyn Garden City) and G. G. Homan (Rochester) 3 each, Rev. H. C. de Barathy (Blackburn) 1½. Section B : W. G. Coast (Torquay) 4, H, G. Pearce (London) 3½, Owen Dixson (Welling) 2½, T. A. Carling (Sheffield) 2, J. Barry (Dewsbury) and Rev. D. Russell Mitchell 1½ each. Second week: Section A (double round) : R. M. Bruce (Plymouth) 4½, A. W. Guest (Manchester) 3½, J. R. Greenop (London) 3, and G. G. Homan (Rochester) 1. Section B : S. Roberts (Liverpool) 4½, D. Ll. Jones (Barry) 3½, J. Tracey (Chatham) 2½, G. A. Whitby (Bristol) 2, and T. Hobson (Nottingham) 1½. There were two prizes of 30/- and 20/- in each of the one-week sections.

The Close of the Congress. The final meeting brought a large gathering into the transformed ball-room and was presided over by the Controller. The B.C.F. president, Canon A. G. Gordon Ross, gave away the trophies and prizes. He thanked the Mayor and Corporation of Blackpool for their support and referred to the fact that some of the well-tried old-timers were as yet far from being ousted by younger aspirants.

Mr. Atkins, now in the middle sixties, had played some remarkably fine games. Special bursts of cheering greeted the new champion and runner-up, H. E. Atkins, the veteran John Keeble, still able to win tournament prizes at 82, F. W. Flear (76) who just missed the prize list, and the successful youngsters Hadfield and Burnett. On G. F. Hawkins’ proposition, seconded by A. Martindale, a vote of thanks was passed to the principal workers, in especial Mr. Calvert and Mr. Boyd. The management by R. H. S. Stevenson and his efficient second E. W. Osler was praised. Reference was made to the usual thorough work of preparation behind the scenes carried through by L. P. Rees, the B.C.F. hon. secretary. The services of Mr. Frazer, the manager of the Imperial Hotel, who had placed all the resources of the extensive building and staff at the disposal of the management, were not forgotten. H. G. Felce moved a vote of thanks to the press, Mr. Tinsley (The Times) responding for the South, Mr. Mackenzie (Birmingham Post) for the Midlands, and G. H. Midgley (Manchester Guardian) for the North.

The B.B.C. arranged for the day’s results to be put on the 10-0 o’clock news bulletin (Lon. Reg.) every night, and great satisfaction was expressed all round at this step, which should be of immense service to the spread of the game.

Next year’s congress falls to the turn of the London League, and will possibly be played at the Bishopsgate Institute. This was abandoned some years ago in favour of Whiteley’s, where the celebrated “Road Drill Tournament” took place.

1937 British Ladies Chess Championship photo

Updated 10 Feb 2016: three games added - St.John-Thomson, Thomson-Budge, Thomson-Austin, all from the Ladies' Championship (contributed by Gerard Killoran)