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Tournament: 31st British Chess Championship • 29 of a possible 66 games, 3 part-games, plus 26 others
Venue: Royal Pavilion, Brighton • Dates: 8-19 August 1938 • Download PGN Last Edited: Friday 25 March, 2016 11:18 PM

1938 British Championship Crosstable
1938 British Championship Crosstable
1938 British Championship Crosstable
1938 British Championship Crosstable

(BCM, Sept 1938, pps 418-420)... The results in the remaining tournaments were as follows—

First Class A: Equal 1st, A. L. Homer and B. C. Nairn 8½; 3rd, I. J. Good 7; 4th, N. Clissold 6½; followed by C. A. Nightingale 6; Rev. W. R. Greenhalgh 5½; J. Keeble and C. H. Taylor 5 each; W. A. Davidson 4½; C. W. Roberts 4; F. W. Flear 3; and Capt. H. Heneage 2½.

First Class B: Equal 1st, S. Feldman and W. H. M. Kirk 7 each; equal 3rd, W. M. P. Mitchell and G. A. Peck 6½ each; followed by J. G. Hayes, A. H. Knight, J. J. Moore and J. S. Giles 6 each; R. C. Woodthorpe 5; A. L. Davies 4½; Lt.-Col. Stuart-Prince 4; H. F. Gook 1½.

First Class C : 1st, A. de Burca 10 ; equal 2nd, A. L. Gordon and P. H. Sullivan 8 each ; 4th, Flight-Lt. L. Vine 7 ; followed by Rev. A. P. Lacy Hulbert 5½; E. J. Randall and R. H. Rushton 5 each ; E. A. Jones 4½; L. C. Birch and A. T. Watson 4 each; H. A. Turriff 3½ ; and H. Ward 1½.

Second Class A: 1st, F. Cooper 8½; 2nd, F. P. Pounce 8; 3rd, O. Dixson 6½; 4th, Lt.-Col. C. C. Robertson 6; followed by Mrs. H. M. Cobbold, F. J. Andrews and W. F. Watson 5½ each; F. Brook 5; W. M. Batten and J. Spedan Lewis 4½ each; M. Ellinger 4; and Mrs. L. Storr-Best 2½.

Second Class B: 1st, J. P. Goble 9; 2nd, F. M. C. Silok 8; 3rd, J. M. Ellam 7½; 4th, S. R. Tomkinson 6; followed by W. R. Bale, J. Butterworth and W. G. Evans 5½ each; T. M. Warburton 5 ; W. A. Aston, Miss C. M. Murphy and I. Brewer 4½ each; T. P. Miller ½.

Third Class, Division 1: 1st, F. Silk 8½; equal 2nd, G. G. E. Garrett and E. D. Janett 8 each; equal 4th, T. Fuller and W. H. Shields-Collins 7 each; followed by J. H. Brown and A. Schofield 5 each; Mrs. Dew 4½; W. L. Beaumont and A. Trimnell 4 each; Miss N. F. Harris 3; and Rev. E. G. Wood 2.

Third Class, Division 2 : 1st, A. C. Murphy 10; 2nd, J. Francis 9½; 3rd, Mrs. Ballard 8½; 4th, H. N. Brooks 8; followed by Mrs. G. L. Mallison and D. E. Budge 6 each; J. E. Coleman 5 ; Mrs. H. Mackenzie 4½; Miss M. D. Storr-Best 4; Mrs. F. Simpson 2½; Miss E. M. E. J. Goodacre 2; Mrs. M. L. C. Jephson o.

At the prizegiving, which was presided over by the President of the B.C.F., J. N. Derbyshire, there were present the Mayor, Alderman Hone, the Mayoress and Mrs. Sidney, who, as the Mayor said, "had done a great service to Brighton in getting the British Chess Federation to hold their congress there this year.” It was announced that next year’s congress would be held at Bournemouth during the last two weeks of August.

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